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7 Leadership Development Statistics You Should Know

In compiling our research report "Racing the Clock: Will high potentials be ready to lead in time to meet your need?" we uncovered some fascinating statistics on the general state of Leadership Development. I wanted to share 7 of those stats here for your quick consumption. Eat up!

  1. 44% of companies expect to increase total spending on leadership development and executive education in 2012 while general corporate training budgets remain flat.1
  2. According to the 2011 ASTD State of the Industry Report, companies will spend an average of $1,228 per employee on learning and development.
  3. 64% of learning executives say they are focusing on trying to speed up the leadership development process at their organization.2
  4. Leadership training is 3 times more effective at teaching knowledge than it is in changing behavior.3
  5. 56% of corporate leaders predict shortages in executive-level leadership. 2
  6. Nearly 3/4ths of learning executives will increase their focus on high potentials as emerging leaders this year.
  7. 41% of leadership development programs are not aligned with their organization’s strategy.1

To download the full report and reference list, click here.